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28 April 2022
Mac internal hard drive full

Internal Mac hard drive too small – 12 practical tips and tricks

If you have bought an iMac, Mac Mini or a MacBook Pro or Air where you have saved on the size of the SSD or hard disk, then you will quickly run into problems because the […]
3 August 2021

A dead M1 MacBook Air and what you can learn from it

No technical device, no matter how well made, is immune from having a defect and from now on stop working. A story by Tan Han Wei at Medium shows this very clearly [...]
16 February 2021

Big Sur Upgrade: "Loss of data due to insufficient disk space" bug seems to have been resolved

Most recently, there was a warning for upgrade versions and betas of macOS 11 Big Sur if there was not enough space on the Mac hard drive. This is because the installer did not perform a hard drive check before the installation. The installation […]
29 July 2020

What is the Macintosh HD Data volume doing on my hard drive?

As of macOS 10.15 Catalina with the APFS file system, the hard drive of the Apple Mac is divided into “Macintosh HD” and “Macintosh HD data” by default. The two volumes have different properties that can be changed without further insight into [...]
9 April 2020

Solution: Apple Mac does not recognize the built-in SSD

If you have given your Apple Mac, MacBook or iMac a new SSD hard drive or replaced the HDD with it, it may not recognize it. This is especially annoying if you are using the new storage medium to use the computer [...]
11 February 2020
A Seagate 4 TB HDD is my Time Machine Volume

The right hard drive for the Time Machine backup - my recommendations

Apple's in-house backup solution called "Time Machine" is a recommended macOS feature that you should definitely use. The backups are created in the background - mostly when the Mac is idle anyway - [...]
4 February 2020
This is how chkdsk works on a Mac

"Chkdsk" command - what is the equivalent on the Mac?

When it comes to defective SD cards, broken hard disks or other unreadable data storage media, the "chkdsk" command is often thrown into the room in the Windows world. Not without reason, because this system's own repair command has also [...]
2 October 2019

Self-attempt data recovery: Ctrl_F reveals rip-offs

When the computer breaks down and the data on the hard drive seems to be lost, one word is quickly typed into the Google search bar: data recovery. And already you get numerous advertisements as well as regular search results, which companies for data carrier analysis, [...]
20 August 2019
Win the ADATA SSD SD600Q with 480 GB - used, but hand-checked by Doc. Sir Apfelot. ;-)

ADATA SD600Q Durable: external SSD with 480 GB in the test

The selection of SSDs that can be plugged into the Mac as an external drive has increased massively in recent years. Another positive development is the price per gigabyte, which is falling steadily. In order to […]
7 August 2019
DriveDx hard drive monitoring

DriveDx: View hard drive health on the Mac in detail

Only recently I came across the small tool "DriveDx" through a report in the English Macworld (here the download link). With this Mac app, internal and external hard drives can be monitored by the SMART status (Wiki) [...]