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30. January 2019
Deactivating macOS hibernation does not always work with external hard drives. In this article I explain how to get them not to go to Spindown (Photo: Sir Apfelot).

Mac: Set hibernation for internal AND external hard drives

I recently had an interesting conversation with a reader who asked if you can disable external hard drives from hibernation on Macs. My first thought was the system setting "Save energy", which is available under [...]
31. December 2018
APFS is case sensitive

Reader's question: Mac startup disk with APFS / upper and lower case causes problems

Today I received an email from "Mischu", a reader who had a little "mishap" while installing his Mac. I've summarized the content here: I completely rebuilt my Mac today, [...]
20. December 2018

Warning against CCleaner - a cleaning program for Mac and Windows

Does CCleaner spy on its users and is dubious? After this article went online today, it only took me a few minutes to get several responses from readers advising me that one [...]
28. November 2018
Teyadi cheap SSD in the test

TEYADI: external cheap SSD with 128 GB in the test - is it worth buying?

I recently had another problem with my Mac that made it impossible to work and showed me how important it is to have a bootable backup somewhere. The little problem with the bootable backups [...]
14. November 2018
The savings potential on my hard drives is quite low, but according to the developer, clearing out also speeds up access to SD cards, which is certainly not wrong with cameras that deliver a high resolution.

CleanMyDrive 2 in the test - free volume manager for macOS

I have been using the CleanMyMac (currently CleanMyMac X) tool from the MacPaw software company for several years, about which I have written a review here. It works as software for system optimization, deletes residual data, performs [...]
12th of June 2018

Destroying an HDD hard drive and making it permanently unreadable

Inspired by an article by Scientific American entitled How to Destroy a Hard Drive - Permanently, I would like to show you in this guide which methods are useful for making an HDD hard drive permanently illegible. [...]
19. February 2018

Disk Graph: Analyze hard disk usage in detail

Disk Graph is an app developed by Nicolas Kick for macOS on the Apple Mac, iMac and MacBook. With the software you can analyze the hard drive usage of your Apple computer in more detail than via the apple menu (apple [...]
24th of June 2017
If you want to partition a larger hard drive on the Mac, you should be patient (screenshot from the hard disk utility) ... after waiting a good 1,5 hours.

Partitioning the hard drive on the Mac - a question of patience with 4 TB HDD disks

Yesterday my new MacBook Pro (the 2017 model with the Kaby Lake processor) arrived. And as always, on such rare occasions, I like to make a 1: 1 backup of the internal SDD hard drive using Carbon Copy [...]
14. September 2016
Seagate 4TB hard drive directly on the MacBook Pro

Test: Does a USB 3 hub slow down an external USB 3 hard drive?

Today I found a new tool for benchmarking hard drives (AJA System Test 2.1) and did a little test with it. I was interested in whether - based on the transfer speed of the hard drive - [...]
15. August 2016
Best hard drives for RAID and NAS 2016

The best hard drives for the NAS or other RAID system

If you want to set up a RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) in your computer or a NAS (Network Attached Storage) as an external unit, you need reliable hard drives. But where to look when you have the best hard drives [...]