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3 March 2022
HDMI vs DisplayPort – which is better?

Which is better: HDMI or DisplayPort?

In times of ever thinner laptops, there is often not enough space for an HDMI or DVI-D connection. The older VGA connection has even fallen so far out of fashion in recent years that it […]
22 October 2021

MacBook Pro 2021 - Details on SD slot and HDMI port

On Monday, Apple presented its new MacBook Pros. With both models we were able to experience the return of some previously missing connections, e.g. B. the SD slot and the HDMI connection. But which technology is behind it in each case? [...]
6 July 2021

Which cable do you need for a 144Hz monitor?

144 Hz monitors are particularly popular in the gaming sector. But in order for a high fps rate to reach the output device, it must be connected to the computer with a suitable cable. The question arises: which cable [...]
3 April 2021

Cable from iVANKY - Pick of the week in week 14

If you are looking for certain accessories, you will always find suitable product presentations or general purchase advice here in the blog. With regard to SD memory cards, we would like to refer to this post, for example: [...]
27 January 2021
Touch Bar gone - changes to the 2021 MacBook Pro

Is Apple working off the user wish list for MacBook Pro models?

It has already been hinted at in some magazines and there was also an article from Sir Apfelot: Apple will probably make major changes to the next MacBook Pro models, which will have a [...]
1 December 2020

HDMI Capture Card - Christmas present for Twitch streamers with a PC

Are you looking for a Christmas present for a YouTube or Twitch streamer? Then a capture card for the PC can be the right surprise! This is because HDMI signals from Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Blu-Ray players, MacBook and [...]
5 March 2020

Wireless HDMI transmission with Hollyland Mars at 1080p @ 60Hz

At events, streaming videos from one source to various monitors or sending images and sound from a mobile camera directly to the director's monitor via radio - this is possible with the Mars products from Hollyland. Especially for filming [...]
6 February 2019

HDMI ARC - what is it and what can it do?

HDMI ARC may not be a new technology standard, but it is still uncharted territory for many. With the use of HDMI-ARC cables in the home theater, other cables can be saved and new advantages can be used. By the way, the abbreviation stands for audio [...]
4 February 2019

Scart-HDMI adapter - connect old and new hardware

A Scart to HDMI adapter or HDMI to Scart adapter is a great way to connect old devices to the Smart TV or new hardware to the old TV. However, when buying the one to be switched between the individual components [...]
9 November 2017
UHD display for MacBook Pro Thunderbolt 3 Thunderbold connection

4K monitors with Thunderbolt and USB-C

Are you looking for 4K monitors with Thunderbolt and USB-C that you can compare and for which you can read customer opinions / reviews? Then you are right here! Because I have some 4K UHD monitors with Thunderbolt, [...]