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24 February 2021

Razer Kraken - Popular gaming headset with Prime shipping

The Razer brand stands for quality in the gaming sector, in addition to the end device hardware as well as the accessories. In addition to keyboards, mice, mouse pads, streaming equipment, chairs and apps, there are quite popular headset models called "Kraken" [...]
9 October 2019

The best headphones for the Nintendo Switch (Lite)

What are the best headphones for the Nintendo Switch (Lite)? That depends on whether you want to receive the audio via jack, USB or Bluetooth. In the following I have given you a couple of headphones and headsets [...]
14 August 2019

Nintendo Switch Accessory Set: snakebyte GAMER: KIT S Sound & Protect

With the GAMER: KIT S, snakebyte, a well-known manufacturer of gaming accessories for PCs and consoles, has released a set for the Nintendo Switch. The nickname "Sound & Protect" already indicates the scope: in addition to protective accessories [...]
29 March 2019
Charging via Qi charging - nice to have, but not my favorite way.

In the test: Apple AirPods 2 - my experiences with the new version

I usually take a few days to weeks before I write a review, but with the AirPods 2 I wanted to keep my finger on the pulse. For this reason you can [...]
6 December 2017
Syllable D9X Headphones Buy Order Amazon Test Review Review

Test: Syllable D9X - wireless Bluetooth headphones with exchangeable batteries

I already briefly introduced the Syllable D9X Bluetooth headphones without cables and with replaceable batteries in November. The in-ear headphones look similar to a Bluetooth headset for on the go and, thanks to the total of four [...]
23 December 2015
TaoTronics Bluetooth Sports Headphones Photo

Test report: TaoTronics Bluetooth 4.1 in-ear headphones TT-BH07

It was time again that I had to buy new Bluetooth headphones. Whereby the "must" is more of a form of collecting or a kind of compulsive act, because actually I already have a Jabra Bluetooth [...]
4 October 2015
Plantronics Voyager Headset Pack

Test report: Plantronics "Voyager Legend" Bluetooth headset on the iPhone 6

In the search for the perfect Bluetooth headset, functionality, voice quality, battery life and hands-free operation play a major role for me. In terms of optics, I wasn't particularly determined and since I only use the headset at home anyway