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17 May 2022

For vacation: set up airalo eSIM with data volume on the iPhone

Within the EU you no longer have to worry about mobile roaming and the associated costs. But what about the rest of the world? If you are planning a holiday, a business trip or other stays in distant countries, […]
8 January 2021

Drive & Listen - discover the world at the weekend

Do you want to discover the world even in lockdown times? Then you should take a look at Drive & Lists. The multimedia and free online offer combines videos of car trips with the sound of local radio stations. Whether Amsterdam, Barcelona, ​​Buenos Aires, [...]
29 July 2019

iPhone apps against traffic jam chaos during the summer holidays

For some it is currently: off on vacation! For the others: pack your suitcase and go home! - Although the summer holidays in Germany are staggered and different in the 16 federal states (but of course [...]
25 June 2019

B'n'Tree - A tree for every vacation booking

Travel and sustainability usually don't go together that well. We go on vacation by plane, help ourselves at overcrowded buffets and while we drink water from plastic bottles during the day, the air conditioning has to be switched on at night
20 August 2018

Roaming cost trap: Mobile communications and internet at sea can be expensive

Anyone who is out at sea by cruise ship, ferry or freighter should use cell phones, smartphones, tablets and smartwatches carefully and with sufficient information. Because calls and SMS via cellular network as well as [...]
22 June 2018

The best Mac, iPhone and iPad apps for travel planning (including websites)

Planning your trip and / or vacation completely offline? Hardly anyone does that anymore; and if so, it costs an unnecessarily long time and probably more money. Even from classic internet sites for booking, [...]
22 May 2018

Mapify - travel photo book with location information, planner and guide

The Mapify app for Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch is a mixture of a kind of Pinterest for travel photos with location information, a travel guide for special places and a planner application for the vacation. According to the developers [...]
28 April 2017
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Mobile phone on the beach: tips and tricks to stow away your smartphone safely while on vacation

Summer is just around the corner and you're sure to take your smartphone with you on vacation to take and share pictures on the beach, in the mountains, in towns and villages. But […]