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24 February 2022
Switch off iPhone without touch with key combination

Switch off your iPhone without touching it – with a key combination

There are cases in which you can no longer switch off your iPhone via the touch display. Be it because the display was damaged by a fall or because a software problem prevents operation. In these cases […]
25 August 2020

Bypass defective home buttons on the iPhone with Assistive Touch

Old iPhones (up to iPhone 8) and also the new iPhone SE from 2020 have a home button. The button helps with various tasks, most notably getting to the home screen. But also the touch [...]
3 August 2020

iPhone home button no longer works? This is how you can solve it!

The Apple iPhone is actually a sturdy machine, but nothing lasts forever. If you have a problem with the iPhone home button, you can try the following approaches to solve it. Because in this guide [...]
21 November 2018
Here's my tip on how to bring a frozen iPad back to life.

Reader's question: iPad screen frozen - what to do?

I got a question yesterday from a reader whose daughter had problems with her iPad. She has an iPad of the 2nd or 3rd generation, which simply no longer reacts to inputs via the touchscreen [...]
31 August 2017

iOS tip: Take a screenshot on an iPhone or iPad

If you want to take a screenshot in Apple's iOS operating system, i.e. if you want to take a screenshot with the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, then you've come to the right place. The creation of a screenshot on the mobile devices [...]
26 November 2016
Repairing the iPhone 4 home button: you don't always have to change the button. Sometimes cleaning helps too! (Photos: Sir Apfelot)

Instructions: Repair iPhone 4 Home Button without changing

A few days ago a friend told me that the home button on her iPhone 4 would no longer work. Undoubtedly a very annoying mistake ... Since they bought the device a good year ago [...]
18 October 2016
iphone 7 home button on screen on screen error detection homebutton broken

iPhone 7 detects a defective home button and independently offers an alternative

Of course, the iPhone 7 is “the best iPhone of all time” until the iPhone 8 is presented next year, on which the home button may have disappeared. Whether the current Apple smartphone is preparing for the innovation [...]
5 October 2016
apple patent 2016 september iphone 8 fingerprint sensor 2017

New Apple patent for the iPhone 8: Scan your fingerprint on the entire display

A new patent from Apple is simmering the ongoing rumors about the integration of the home button in the display. It looks as if the user's fingerprint is no longer just sent to [...]
28 March 2014
Scope of delivery iFixTheButton

iPhone 4 home button repair for technology dummies

Of the four iPhone 4 models that are still in use among my friends, only three have the home button gate. For those who are not in the picture: The home button seems to be particularly visible on the 4-series iPhone [...]
28 October 2013
Repair the home button yourself

Repair iPhone Home Button - The Guide

No matter whether [iPhone 4 or 4s-> iphone-4] or iPod or iPad: The [home button-> home button] is one of the main problems that older iOS devices have according to the support forums. The home button only reacts to strong pressure or it swallows [...]