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11 November 2021

Anker PowerConf H500 and H700 - Bluetooth headsets with recording and transcription

It is again or still time for the home office. And meetings there can be particularly stressful. If you don't have a large desk to organize yourself on, or if you don't have an improvised workplace in the [...]
28 December 2020

Different types of group work

Group work is used in advanced training, at school, for entrepreneurial projects and in many other places. It should bundle competencies and skills in order to carry out the task in the best possible way and within a certain
5 November 2020

Ideal for the home office: iMac and monitor stand with USB hub and Qi charger

In the (improvised) home office, it is advantageous to place the computer monitor or iMac elevated on the table. Mobile monitor stands are suitable for this. All the better if they also have a USB hub ready for various devices. [...]
9 October 2020

Deduct new office technology for the home office from the tax

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the home office has become a widely discussed topic. Even companies that previously relied exclusively on office work had to switch to this. The conclusion: with the right equipment, work also works from home [...]
18 August 2020

Timing App - automate time recording on the Mac

The timing app for the Apple Mac comes from the German developer Daniel Alm from Munich. It helps to automatically record the working hours and thus ensures that you always do the same in the home office [...]
23 March 2020

Home office on the Apple Mac: Apps and tools for e-mail, to-do & time recording

Moving from work to home office can be tough. It's not just the new work environment that is probably not motivating; you can't even meet up with colleagues quickly to clarify questions. If you […]
23 March 2020

Good and cheap (second) monitors for the home office

Have you gone to the home office or even had to move there with your work, you need a good monitor for it. If you were able to take the monitor or screen with you from the office, now you might want to [...]
19 March 2020

Working productively in the home office - the best tips!

Switching from the office in the company building to the home office is probably not easy for most people. Especially since the necessary preparation was often not made in the company. Quickly switch to home office work, so that brings [...]