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14. March 2022

Spam on the iPhone: Home invitations as a new scam

Although Apple makes every effort to ensure the privacy and data security of users, it also offers a wide variety of networking options. A lot of content can B. shared from device to device, such as photo albums, calendars […]
4. January 2022

HomeKit bug: Device names that are too long can paralyze the iPhone

There is a bug in the current iOS versions for the Apple iPhone that can render the smartphone unusable. It results from a Denial of Service when HomeKit information is loaded from devices with names that are too long. [...]
8. October 2021

HomeDevices App - Lexicon for HomeKit devices on the iPhone

From today you can get HomeDevices in the iOS App Store. The free app from Yannic Fries serves as a dictionary for HomeKit devices and their technical data. So are you looking for the right equipment for [...]
11. February 2021
Meross HomeKit socket set of 4 on offer

Four smart Meross HomeKit sockets for 45 EUR

I have not yet been able to try any products from Meross, but what you read in the Amazon reviews does not seem to provide any reason to stay away from the products. On the contrary: Meross seems to be a brand [...]
26. January 2021

Meross HomeKit garage door opener with double discount for Sir Apfelot readers

A smart garage door opener with HomeKit connection is available from Meross until Saturday, January 30th. In addition to the 10% coupon directly on the site, you will receive an additional 7 euros with an exclusive voucher code for Sir Apfelot readers [...]
12. August 2020

Hands-free operation: voice control in the smart home

The so-called "Smart Home" has been a catchphrase for many years now, which is intended to describe a networked and intelligently acting home. Sensors can, for example, measure the temperature, the air quality or the light intensity in the rooms [...]
28 JULY 2020
HomeKit compatible smoke alarms

Readers question: homekit-compatible smoke detectors for the holiday home

Earlier, a question came in from my reader Lars, with whom I had already emailed weeks ago, because he needed a few tips to monitor his holiday home. He is currently concerned with the subject of smoke detectors [...]
8. October 2018

New: "HomeKit - the interface to the home" in the 4th edition

The fourth edition of the book HomeKit - the interface to the home by Matthias Petrat has recently been available. This offers revised and updated content for the operating systems of 4 and 2018. In addition to the [...]
4. October 2018

homee - merging smart home systems with one device

homee is the name of a small, cube-shaped piece of hardware from Codeatelier GmbH from Güglingen in Baden-Württemberg. The company, which offers software development, app design, smart home solutions and other services, has with homee a device for private users and companies on [...]
29. August 2018

Apple HomeKit - What It Is and How It Works

What is the Apple HomeKit actually? What does the Home app do and what is it all for? This question (s) could be asked by Apple newbies or those who are new to one or the other solution for the first time [...]