[Update] USB-C extension: Maximum length and suitable cables

What is the maximum length for USB-C cables? What distance can be built between charger and iPhone, iPad or MacBook? And over which routes can data be transferred quickly via USB 3.1, USB 3.2 or USB4? The maximum cable length for USB-C connections has changed over the past few years, so we've revised the information in this post...

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LaCie Thunderbolt eSATA Hub

LaCie Thunderbolt eSATA hub

The LaCie eSATA TB hub offers interesting options if you want to connect fast external hard drives to a Mac with a Thunderbolt connection. On the back of the chic device there is a number of other interfaces in addition to the power connection: It has two Thunderbolt and two eSATA sockets. Thunderbolt has a maximum speed of 10 Gbit per second. eSATA achieved...

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