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29 JULY 2020

Boxcryptor - encrypting files in the cloud made easy

Cloud storage providers usually secure their servers with their own security methods. But that doesn't mean they are 100% safe. If you have company data or private content in Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive or in a [...]
2th of June 2020

Download and back up all photos from iCloud Photo Library

In particular, photos and videos created with the iPhone or iPad end up directly as a copy in the iCloud, depending on the setting. If you want to download the files stored there and save them locally, then you have to [...]
26. January 2020
Photo Apple system status

Apple System Status: Find iCloud outages and issues with other Apple services here

If you get an error message when buying apps or music or you are no longer receiving emails via your iCloud account, then maybe it's time to go to Apple's central status page [...]
17 December 2019

Instructions: Where can I find my (iCloud) backups on Mac, PC, iPhone and iPad?

You can easily make an iCloud backup of your mobile devices on the Apple Mac as well as on the Windows PC; from iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Local backups can also be created without the cloud storage. Lately [...]
3 December 2019
Cat slows down photo synchronization

If the cat on the MacBook Pro paralyzes the synchronization of the iCloud Photo Library ...

I have a very ambivalent relationship with the iCloud Photo Library. On the one hand I love them because I snap photos for my blog on the iPhone and edit them in seconds on the Mac, but on the other hand I hate them because [...]
20. November 2019
Photos app on Mac does not update photos

Photos app on Mac does not update via iCloud Photo Library

For a few days now I've been fighting with my Photos app on the Mac (no, not because of Catalina, but still under macOS Mojave!). Why? Because it stiffly claims that it would "update", but not [...]
23. September 2019

Apple problems: iOS 13, iCloud and Siri are going crazy

At Apple there seem to be a lot of problems at the moment. There are increasing reports that there are malfunctions, failures and strange reactions in the brand new iOS 13 as well as in the iCloud and Siri [...]
19. September 2019

iOS 13 - The backup comes before the upgrade

Starting today, you can install the new iOS 13 operating system on your Apple mobile devices; insofar as they are compatible with it. In addition to the smartphone generations from the iPhone SE, the 7th generation iPod Touch (2019) [...]
27. March 2019

The Apple iCloud costs - that's how much you pay for the Apple Cloud

If you set up an iCloud account and thus use the storage of the Apple Cloud, you get 5 GB of storage space free of charge. This can be used for photos, videos, documents, contacts, messages and more. But if this memory is not enough [...]