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15. November 2018

[Solved] Reader's question: VoiceOver cannot be switched off after updating to macOS Mojave

Today a little problem that my reader Carsten emailed me - and that he was even able to solve himself after a few days. To be honest, I only poked in the fog, but not really [...]
2. March 2018

Sir Apfelot Wochenschau - Apple and tech news of week 9 2018

Today is Friday, March 2nd, 2018 and it's time for the Sir Apfelot newsreel again. As part of this series of articles, I present you weekly the reports, news and messages that I received in the course of [...]
26. February 2018
Instructions: How to get the RAW files of the photos from the iCloud Photo Library on the Mac.

Mac Tip: Save RAW Photos from iCloud Photo Library

I've been a fan of RAW photography for a long time. Anyone who has ever noticed how much you can get out of photos in this format with Lightroom or other image processing with RAW import will tell me [...]
9. February 2018

Attention, phishing mail: "iTunes Store Family Membership 2018" wants to access your Apple login and password

I just got an email from "Apple-account@applepurchase.com", which was shown as proof of a purchase in the iTunes Store. I was about to print it out for my accounting when I [...]
3. January 2018

Help: Forgot your iCloud password or Apple ID password?

If you have forgotten the iCloud password or don't remember your Apple ID, then access to Apple's services from your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android device and so on is not impossible, but it is more difficult. Because […]
12. November 2017
With Pages from Apple, every text document can also be protected with a password. Since Pages runs on iCloud, it works on a Mac as well as an iPad or iPhone.

Reader question: protect text file under macOS with a password

Today a reader asked me if there was a way to protect a text on the iPad or under macOS (on his MacBook) from strangers' eyes. It doesn't have to be a high security standard and also [...]
2. October 2013
Apple iCloud

Cannot buy iCloud storage - is the cloud broken?

A few days ago the automatic mail assistant from Apple penetrated me several times, but finally to free up more memory in the [iCloud-> iCloud], because I use more than the booked 5 GB and my plan [...]
23. August 2013
iWork on iCloud

Pages, Number and Keynote are now in the cloud

You can still find the symbols of Pages, Numbers and Keynote with a thick yellow "BETA" banderole, but at least all [iCloud users-> icloud] can now try out this web software. This free Office Light version from Apple should work with the [...]