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8. March 2021

The end for the iMac Pro: Apple only sells stocks

Since the end of last week, Apple has only been selling the iMac Pro, which was introduced in 2017, while stocks last. In addition, only the standard version can be bought via the Apple Store on the tech giant's website. Individual [...]
23th of June 2020

Is your Mac compatible with macOS 11.0 Big Sur?

The Apple Mac will get a completely overhauled operating system in autumn 2020 with macOS 11.0 Big Sur. Among other things, this is already designed for the upcoming Apple computers with their own "Apple Silicon" SoC, with which the manufacturer [...]
April 9, 2020

Solution: Apple Mac does not recognize the built-in SSD

If you have given your Apple Mac, MacBook or iMac a new SSD hard drive or replaced the HDD with it, it may not recognize it. This is especially annoying if you are using the new storage medium to use the computer [...]
31. January 2020

Sir Apfelot newsreel week 5, 2020

It's the end of January and it's actually time for the fifth Sir Apfelot newsreel in 2020. Today, Friday, I'm going to show you the Apple and tech news that I received in calendar week 5 […]
3. September 2019

Mac Installer: An error occurred while preparing to install.

If you want to reinstall macOS on an Apple Mac, this error message may thwart your plans: An error occurred while preparing the installation. Try the program [...]
24 JULY 2019

Clean the computer monitor or display on your MacBook or iMac

Especially after the uncreative "Staingate" named streak and stain problem on MacBook displays, one can ask oneself: How can one properly clean the screen of Apple MacBook and Apple iMac? I did a little research [...]
21. March 2019

Small buying advice: which Apple iMac is right for me?

This week Apple introduced new iMac models in addition to new iPad models for 2019 and the AirPods 2. There is now even the option of using an Apple iMac Pro with 256 GB of RAM and 4 TB [...]
25. February 2019

iMac Retina 5K 2017 upgrade memory (RAM) - with video instructions

A reader recently asked me which Apple iMac I would currently recommend to buy. My recommendation is the Apple iMac 5K with Retina display and Fusion Drive from 2017. However, you can find this at the [...]
13. February 2019
Post photo: stripes in the display

MacBook Pro shows vertical stripes or shadows on the display

I recently had an article on using an old iMac as a secondary monitor. Today's reader question from Marina fits in well with the topic, because it is also about an old Mac: [...]
11. February 2019

Reader question: Use old iMac as an external monitor

Rudolf from Switzerland asked me if he could use his 10-year-old iMac as a monitor for a Mac mini 2018 that he is planning to buy. Since this question is for other Apple users [...]