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8 April 2022

[Update] Antivirus Review – Intego Mac Internet Security X9 (Sponsor)

Intego Mac Internet Security X9 software contains two components: VirusBarrier and NetBarrier. Together, they are designed to protect against viruses and malware on the Apple computer. I have given you information on installation, use, advantages and more [...]
22 October 2020

Apple is again letting Mac malware in the App Store

In just six weeks, Apple approved Mac malware for the App Store for the second time. Admittedly, the malware of the OSX / MacOffers family (or MaxOfferDeal) was once again well hidden. But the new case shows [...]
21 June 2020
Malware comes as a flash installer

New malware comes as a flash installer and tricks gatekeepers on the Mac

The current warning comes from Intego, who of course always use such finds to advertise their antivirus program on the Mac. That is okay in itself, but caution is not only required with malware, but [...]