iOS 15

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22 March 2022

iPhone trick: Adjust font size for just one app

If you use the Apple iPhone with iOS 15 or a newer operating system, you have the option of individually adjusting the font size in apps. The way to this goal leads through the control center, which you [...]
20 January 2022

iOS News: Version 14 without updates, no downgrade to 15.2 possible

There are currently some interesting developments relating to Apple's iOS operating system, which could be important for users with current iPhone models. On the one hand, there are reports that there will be no more updates for iOS 14 in the future. [...]
7 January 2022

Voice memos on the iPhone: tricks for faster listening (from iOS 15)

The voice memos app on the iPhone and iPad helps to quickly and easily note down thoughts by voice input, speak a text idea or record an interview. Thanks to the current iOS or iPadOS version, you can listen to [...]
5 October 2021

Unsmartifier - Safari plugin removes app banners on iPhone

On the Apple iPhone, websites have the option of displaying banners in the Safari browser that refer to their own iOS app. These banners are set at the top of the website and thus limit the section of the page that you can [...]
1 October 2021

Sir Apfelot newsreel week 39, 2021

It's October! Not only Halloween, but also the next Apple Special Event is just around the corner. But before that happens, there is a new edition of the well-known [...]
21 September 2021

[Update] iOS 15 for the iPhone - New update technology and possible problems

The public version of iOS 15 was out yesterday. It can now be installed on all compatible Apple iPhone models. But should you install the new operating system? Or is it advisable to start at the first [...]
20 August 2021

Sir Apfelot newsreel week 33, 2021

Oops, it's Friday again ... So lucky for you, because that doesn't just mean that the weekend is just around the corner, but also that you will be presented with a new Sir Apfelot newsreel at this point. [...]
18 August 2021

Apple SharePlay - Important iOS and iPadOS feature is being postponed

With SharePlay, Apple announced an important cross-platform feature for the mobile operating systems iOS and iPadOS as well as for tvOS at the WWDC21 keynote. Using SharePlay, users should share multimedia content - such as films and series [...]
9 July 2021

Sir Apfelot newsreel week 27, 2021

What a week! First the Nintendo Switch OLED model is announced and now there is also a Sir Apfelot newsreel. It's nice that you come back and want to see what Apple and tech news I got [...]
15 June 2021

Features in iOS 15 that require an iPhone XR, XS or later

The iPhone operating system iOS 15, which was introduced last week and will be rolled out as an update for compatible devices in autumn 2021, brings with it various new features and options. You can use iOS 15 on all devices that [...]