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28 September 2022

5 settings to disable on iOS 16

In addition to the five settings that should be activated under iOS 16, there are also some that can be switched off or left switched off in most cases. So if you use iOS 16 and e.g. e.g. […]
28 September 2022

5 settings to enable on iOS 16

With the iOS 16 iPhone operating system, Apple has introduced large and small innovations to its smartphone. These include several small features that can be activated and deactivated in the settings. In this guide I will show […]
27 September 2022

iPhone Guide: Remind me of email to reply later

If you get an e-mail that is important but you don't have time for right now, you can be reminded of it at a time of your choosing. This can be done with appropriately equipped mail clients as […]
21 September 2022

iPhone Guide: Recalling, Editing, and More Messages (iOS 16+)

After updating to iOS 16, the Apple iPhone Messages app has new options for handling iMessage content. SMS are only half affected, so editing and undoing messages […]
21 September 2022

iPhone instructions: Send an email later with the Mail app (from iOS 16)

If you have finished writing an e-mail but only want to send it at a later point in time, you can do this in Apple Mail on the iPhone since the update to iOS 16. Here you will find the […]
21 September 2022

Cancel sending: Revoke sent e-mail on iPhone (from iOS 16)

Cancel sending an e-mail and thus revoke it, this has been possible on the iPhone since the upgrade to iOS 16. How to retrieve and edit a sent e-mail in the Mail app on the iPhone or […]
21 September 2022

Hit the Island – Entertaining “Dynamic Island” game also for older iPhones

Recently I have already shown you over 40 native functions of the Dynamic Island on the iPhone 14 Pro (Max). But developers can easily make hundreds of them. For example, the Dynamic Island, like the […]
19 September 2022

iPhone 14 Accident Detection - Enable and Disable in Settings

Just like on the new Apple Watch models, you will find the so-called accident detection on the iPhone 14 (Plus) and the iPhone 14 Pro (Max) from Apple. The function presented as crash detection uses acceleration sensors, which […]
16 September 2022

Sir Apfelot newsreel week 37, 2022

Last week I started the Sir Apfelot newsreel with a collection of links to keynote content related to the iPhone 14, the new Apple Watch models and the AirPods Pro 2. This week we start with […]
16 September 2022

40+ Features of Dynamic Island on iPhone 14 Pro (Max)

The Apple iPhone 14 Pro (Max) comes with a newly designed recess for the FaceTime camera and Face ID technology. The new iOS 16 operating system is perfectly tailored to this recess and expands […]