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12 JULY 2021

iPhone search function: Use Spotlight functions on your smartphone

On the Apple Mac you can call up the Spotlight search bar with cmd + space bar. But how does it work on the iPhone? How do you find the iPhone search function and what functions does it fulfill? I will answer these questions for you in this [...]
April 13, 2021

Let the iPhone screen read aloud: This is how you activate the feature

Sometimes I try out what Siri can do on the iPhone. When I recently wanted the content of the iPhone screen (a news article) to be read out, I was informed that this function had to be activated first. How […]
April 2, 2021

iOS trick: hide photos and hide "hidden" folder

For screen sharing from the home office, when you lend the iPhone to someone, when you don't want to show the family all the pictures, and so on - there are several reasons to want to hide photos on the iPhone. [...]
15 December 2020

iPhone instructions: set the resolution and fps of videos

Thanks to iOS 14, you can manually set the resolution and fps of video recordings not only on newer Pro models, but also on older iPhones. I tried the corresponding option on the iPhone X from 2017. [...]
14 December 2020

iOS 14 trick: use iPhone functions by tapping on the back

With iOS 14, a few interesting functions have come to the iPhone in 2020. Functions such as: B. by tapping on the back of the Apple smartphone. For this [...]