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9 August 2022

Get the Message: Google warns Apple users about outdated SMS technology

Google has set up a new subpage on the Android website that is aimed at users of Apple devices with the slogan Get the Message. Because when communicating with Android devices, Apple will continue to rely on SMS and […]
3 August 2022

Text Selection on Pictures: Enable/Disable Live Text on iPhone, iPad and Mac

What is Live Text and how to disable text selection on photos and images? I answer these and other questions on the subject in this guide. Because even if it is sometimes very practical, […]
2 August 2022

Switching from Android smartphones to iPhone: Frequently asked questions and answers

If you want to switch from an Android smartphone to an Apple iPhone, you probably have a few questions. So that every question about switching from Android to iOS gets an answer, Apple yesterday released a new video on […]
7 July 2022

Wrong password and unlock code: You have so many attempts on Mac and iPhone!

If you rarely turn off the Mac and therefore use Touch ID more often than the password, then you can easily forget the latter. On the iPhone or iPad, Touch ID and Face ID can also […]
11 February 2022
Important security updates available for Mac, iPhone and iPad

Urgently! Security update available for Mac, iPhone and iPad

It's rare for Apple to respond so quickly, but the current spate of unanticipated updates shows that there appeared to be a security vulnerability that was also being actively exploited. Security patches for iPhone have been available since Thursday evening, […]
7 February 2022

All iOS versions at a glance (from the first iPhone OS to today)

With the first iPhone in 2007, Apple also released the first mobile operating system for this and other devices. At that time, the portable offshoot of OS X on the Mac was still called "iPhone OS". Later that became […]
3 February 2022
Note app icon

The Best Notes App: How Notion Changed My Life

Today I would like to introduce you to an app that saves me a lot of time every day, helps me to organize my everyday life and is available on all my devices. I was originally looking for […]
22 December 2021

iCloud on iPhone - information and usage examples

The Apple iCloud is an online storage facility for various content that you can move, access and download there from Apple devices. Each user with their own Apple ID has their own memory and can safely use the [...]
15 November 2021

Rain and more: Play background noises on the iPhone without an app

Did you know that background noises can be played back on the iPhone by default? You don't need an additional app to e.g. B. rain, ocean and river noises, light, dark or balanced noise to be able to play. These background noises can be relaxing [...]
20 September 2021

Tenorshare ReiBoot: App for restarting and resetting the iPhone

If the iPhone doesn't start properly, the boot process is in a loop, or the screen stays black, a repair restart can help. A hard reset usually works with a key combination. This will make iOS new [...]