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3. October 2014
AC / DC death by iOS 8.0.2 and Siri

Bluetooth pairing, Siri and iOS 8.0.2 kill all my AC / DC songs

I have to say that [Siri-> siri-jokes] always inspire me. But sometimes the aunt annoys "like Hulle", as our junior always uses to say. In the current case, she has actually succeeded in the complex [...]
16. August 2013
Instructions: Battery replacement for the Ion Audio Blockrocker

Infinity Blade 2 tips and tricks

I admit that sometimes I am fascinated by rather hollow [iOS games-> iphone-> games]. In the current case, I struck when the Infinity Blade II was once free - and now the ambition has me [...]
7 JULY 2013
suspicious iOS calendar invitation

Suspicious calendar invitations on iPhone

For a few days now I've been getting strange invitations every day in my iOS calendar on the iPhone. Some people who are completely unknown to me invite me to use their calendar. The exact wording then includes, for example, [...]