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13 September 2021
In the test - the Imou Bullet 2E IP surveillance camera

Imou Bullet 2E in the test: a smart WLAN surveillance camera for outdoor use

Imou offers different models of security cameras. The current Imou Bullet 2E is an inexpensive successor to the Imou New Bullet. Imou made the Bullet 2E available to me for a test, but this affects [...]
5 October 2017
Inadequately protected security cameras are an Eldorado for criminals, burglars and identity theft

Insecure IP cameras: tap into surveillance cameras in the browser

There are countless IP cameras, surveillance systems that can be integrated into the WLAN, and similar technology on the market that can easily be hacked if insufficiently secured. In the 21/2017 issue, ComputerBILD has some unsafe manufacturers and models [...]
20 December 2015
D-Link DCS-942L IP camera should be connected to LTE routers without WPS.

Reader's question: Can you couple an IP camera with WPS to a router without WPS support?

A reader recently asked me: "D-Link DCS 942LB IP camera with router TP-Link M5350 - My problem: how does the iP-Cam with WPS recognize the router without WPS?" The D-Link WLAN camera DCS 942LB is a […]
13 November 2014
InstarVision screenshot

iPhone or webcam? Remote monitoring of a holiday home without WiFi

A few days ago a question came from a reader who was wondering how to remotely monitor a holiday home in Italy when no one is there. Here is the original text of the request: […]