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28 July 2021

Apple iPadOS 2019 presented - what has happened so far?

Apple introduced the iPadOS operating system for its tablet division, i.e. the iPad models, in 2019. This is based on the iPhone operating system iOS, which was previously used for both devices. With iPadOS in 2019 came new [...]
10 October 2020
Free: the iPadOS 14 manual from Apple

iPadOS 14 manual for free in the Apple Books Store

I am almost a little embarrassed that, as Sir Apfelot, I have only now noticed that Apple itself is already providing really well-made and informative manuals for the iPadOS 14. So yesterday I was about [...]
9 October 2020
iPad Manual for iPadOS 14

Book tip: iPad manual with 5 hours of video content for iPadOS 14

Anton Ochsenkühn from amac-buch Verlag has kindly provided me with review copies for years, which I work through and present on my blog. Rest assured: I also receive books from other publishers and authors who are not in [...]
23 June 2020

Is your iPad compatible with iPadOS 14?

As part of yesterday's WWDC20 keynote, Apple presented the new operating system for its tablets. But for which tablet models exactly? Is your iPad compatible with iPadOS 14? Here you can find the answer to this question [...]