iPadOS 15

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29. September 2021

iPadOS 15 manual by Anton Ochsenkühn (+ 5h video material)

Since September 20, 2021 you can install iPadOS 15 on compatible Apple tablets. Today the corresponding manual by Anton Ochsenkühn is published. As with his last books on dealing with Apple operating systems [...]
22. September 2021

iPadOS 15 - List of multitasking keyboard shortcuts for iPad

With iPadOS 15, Apple has brought a revised and finally usable multitasking to the iPad. Because different key combinations can be used for multitasking, split view and slide over. Whether learned by heart or with [...]
18. August 2021

Apple SharePlay - Important iOS and iPadOS feature is being postponed

With SharePlay, Apple announced an important cross-platform feature for the mobile operating systems iOS and iPadOS as well as for tvOS at the WWDC21 keynote. Using SharePlay, users should share multimedia content - such as films and series [...]
28 JULY 2021

Apple iPadOS 2019 presented - what has happened so far?

Apple introduced the iPadOS operating system for its tablet division, i.e. the iPad models, in 2019. This is based on the iPhone operating system iOS, which was previously used for both devices. With iPadOS in 2019 came new [...]
8th of June 2021

Is my iPad compatible with iPadOS 15?

In addition to a few other operating systems, Apple presented the new iPadOS 21 yesterday during the WWDC15 keynote. This brings larger widgets, an app library in the dock, quick notes, new shortcuts, more options for split view [...]