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24 November 2022

Pitaka Deals until November 28.11th: ​​Cases and accessories for iPhone, iPad and Co. cheaper

Pitaka offers thin, but very strong and nice looking cases for various Apple products. The manufacturer also offers accessories for wireless charging of the device batteries and for mounting in the car or on […]
6 March 2021

Cocoon GRID-IT organizational aid for on the go - pick of the week week 10

The organizers that Cocoon offers under the name "GRID-IT" were already presented to you in 2017 in a test. Since then I have used the organizational aid umpteen times. And I'm still excited [...]
9 November 2020

Pitaka MagEZ Case for iPad Pro: Made of aramid fiber and compatible with Magic Keyboard

Pitaka has a new case for the Apple iPad Pro from 2018 and 2020. The aramid fiber case is available for both the 11 "and 12,9" models. With your own magnets and [...]
21 May 2020

The best cases for the iPad Pro 2020 (11 and 12,9 inch models)

In March 2020, Apple released the new iPad Pro models for 2020. In addition to the keyboard case also offered by Apple and the alternative models from third-party manufacturers, there are also very simple cases, bags and sleeves. [...]
3 July 2019

Logitech Slim Folio Pro - test results and customer ratings for the iPad Pro keyboard

The Logitech Slim Folio Pro is a combination of protective cover and illuminated Bluetooth keyboard for the Apple iPad Pro 2018. This alternative to Apple's own accessories is available for both the 11-inch and 12,9-inch models. [...]
23 April 2019

Amazon coupons for EasyAcc iPad and iPhone cases

For the purchase of iPad and iPhone cases from EasyAcc, I can give you two coupon codes in this message. This gives you a discount of up to 50% - and of course a new case [...]
28 November 2018

EasyAcc iPhone and iPad cases with 50% discount (short message)

Christmas is approaching us with great strides. I have received a couple of voucher codes from EasyAcc for the Apple accessories that might end up under your Christmas tree this year, with which you can get 50% off the [...]
24 March 2017
The booqpad can also be used excellently to watch films on the iPad.

Booqpad in the test: Comfortable iPad sleeve with notepad and Apple Pencil holder

Some time ago, the manufacturer booq provided me with an iPad sleeve for a test report. The model that I received fits the 9,7 inch iPad Pro, but the "booqpad", like the case [...]
2 June 2013
Fischer Price iPad holder

Fischer Price iPad sleeve for children - this is how you make the iPad child-proof

Well, there is a lot of controversy about whether children should be playing on the iPad or not. Personally, I think if you limit the time and also choose the things that the child plays on the iPad or [...]