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29 July 2019

Apple iPad Pro 2018 (11 / 12,9 inch) battery capacity

Again and again Apple introduces new iPhone and iPad models. New hardware and software features are clearly highlighted, but the battery capacity is usually only cryptically stated. Often only a comparison to the previous model or [...]
11 March 2019

USB-C on the iPad Pro 2018: what is currently possible and what is not

The iPad Pro 2018 is the first Apple tablet that has a USB-C connector instead of a Lightning port. This increases the connectivity and the number of possible uses of the device considerably. But which peripherals, which accessories and which gadgets [...]
21 November 2018
Here's my tip on how to bring a frozen iPad back to life.

Reader's question: iPad screen frozen - what to do?

I got a question yesterday from a reader whose daughter had problems with her iPad. She has an iPad of the 2nd or 3rd generation, which simply no longer reacts to inputs via the touchscreen [...]
30 October 2018

Summary: Apple event on October 30, 2018

Today, October 30, 2018, there was the new Apple Keynote in New York, at which, among other things, the Apple iPad Pro 2018 was presented. Where the September keynote takes place in Apple's Steve Jobs Theater [...]