Contributions to the iPad from Apple

No question about it, the introduction of the iPad was a small revolution. I bought the first version straight away and it's still used by the children now. Much doesn’t work on it anymore, but it’s amazing that after so many years it can still be used for simple games, films or puzzles.

My current work iPad is a 10,5 inch iPad Pro that has enough CPU power to even cut 4K video material with Luma Fusion. And it is already a few years old and by no means the newest and fastest model of Apple tablets.

8 May 2022
macOS Feature Universal Control

Mac, iPad and Universal Control from Apple – my tip for week 12

Apple introduced the "Universal Control" feature at a keynote on macOS Monterey. But since it wasn't available immediately after the release of the operating system, I had lost sight of it again. Until the day before yesterday […]
11 March 2022

Apple Studio Display - Is your Mac / iMac / MacBook compatible?

During the "Peek Performance" keynote on March 8th, Apple introduced the Studio Display, which was advertised directly for use with the new Mac Studio. However, it was additionally mentioned that the screen can also be […]
10 March 2022
Apple tablet battery mAh

[Update] Overview: Battery capacity (mAh & Wh) of the Apple iPad models

How much mAh battery capacity does my iPad have? - You may have asked yourself this question while looking for a power bank, a charger or perhaps a new, better Apple tablet. Following I have you [...]
3 February 2022
Note app icon

The Best Notes App: How Notion Changed My Life

Today I would like to introduce you to an app that saves me a lot of time every day, helps me to organize my everyday life and is available on all my devices. I was originally looking for […]
14 September 2021

Apple September Keynote 2021: iPhone 13, Apple Watch Series 7 & new iPad models

Today, September 14, 2021, Apple's traditional September keynote began at 19:00 p.m. local time. This time the iPhone was there again, which shows that the tech giant from Cupertino is better with the [...]
28 July 2021

Apple iPadOS 2019 presented - what has happened so far?

Apple introduced the iPadOS operating system for its tablet division, i.e. the iPad models, in 2019. This is based on the iPhone operating system iOS, which was previously used for both devices. With iPadOS in 2019 came new [...]
28 July 2021

5 apps for drawing and painting on the iPad (part 2)

As promised yesterday, today you get the second part of the list with apps for drawing and painting on the iPad and iPad Pro from Apple. Yesterday I sent you Notes, Procreate, Linea Sketch, Paper, [...]
27 July 2021

5 + 1 apps for drawing and painting on the iPad (part 1)

The Apple iPad, and especially the models with Apple Pencil support, are very suitable for drawing and painting. Whether iPad or iPad Pro: for creating lines, colored areas, comics, paintings, portraits, designs and sketches, [...]
4 June 2021
Ugreen PowerDot Powerbank in the test

Ugreen PowerDot: handy power bank with integrated lightning cable in the test

Ugreen recently sent me a new power bank (thanks for that!), Which comes with two, no, three nice features: It is small and still has a capacity of 10.000 mAh. It offers USB C Power Delivery [...]
10 May 2021

Zoom on the iPad: camera access now also with Split View

With Split View you can arrange two apps or app windows next to each other on the Apple iPad in order to multitask. This can be helpful if you want information from a source in a text, an e-mail or a [...]