Contributions to the iPad from Apple

No question about it, the introduction of the iPad was a small revolution. I bought the first version straight away and it's still used by the children now. Much doesn’t work on it anymore, but it’s amazing that after so many years it can still be used for simple games, films or puzzles.

My current work iPad is a 10,5 inch iPad Pro that has enough CPU power to even cut 4K video material with Luma Fusion. And it is already a few years old and by no means the newest and fastest model of Apple tablets.

21th of June 2019
Photo of the Anker PowerPort III mini

In the test: Anker USB-C charger PowerPort III mini with PowerIQ 3.0

The new USB Type-C power supply from Anker has just hit the market and has been available here at Amazon since today. The manufacturer had provided me with a sample for testing in advance. I have it with [...]
13th of June 2019

Comparison of Lightning and USB-C - which is better?

Apple is slowly but surely switching its mobile devices from Lightning connections to USB-C. This means that chargers and connection cables from other manufacturers can be used, USB OTG functions can be used and other advantages can be taken advantage of. But there is also […]
26. May 2019
In this practical handbook, Anton Ochsenkühn has bundled all the information that a teacher needs to have in order to start teaching with an iPad (Photo: Sir Apfelot).

Use the Apple iPad in class - the iPad Teacher's Guide helps you get started

Yesterday I received another new book by Anton Ochsenkühn that was published by amac buch Verlag: The iPad Teacher's Guide. Thanks to the publisher for the review copy. The aim of the book is to [...]
April 11, 2019
The Satechi Slim Wireless Keyboard in the test.

In the test: The Satechi Slim Wireless Keyboard for macOS and iOS

A few days ago I received a new Bluetooth keyboard from Satechi: The Slim Wireless Keyboard - with a German QWERTY keyboard layout. As the name "Slim" suggests, it is less big than the "normal" Satechi keyboard, [...]
20. March 2019

Three steps backwards: what Apple is doing wrong with the new iPads

Apple recently released the new iPad Air 2019 and the new iPad mini 2019. New devices naturally put every fanboy and every fangirl into euphoria. But if you take a look at the aforementioned hardware newbies [...]
16. March 2019
The photo shows the pack with the two inLine webcam covers (photos: Sir Apfelot).

In the test: Webcam Slider from inLine for iPad and MacBook

A few days ago the German manufacturer inLine provided me with a set of two webcam sliders that I tested for you. At this point, first of all thanks to inLine for the small [...]
26. February 2019
In the control center you can find the button to start the screen recording.

How to: take video screen capture from iPhone or iPad display

Today I had a question from a reader who wanted to transfer the contents of their iPhone display to their iMac. During the conversation we came up with the possibility of using the iPad or iPhone [...]
10 December 2018
In the test: Osmo Hot Wheels MindRacers

In the test: Osmo Hot Wheels MindRacers - a special kind of iPad racing game

A good two weeks ago the Osmo PR company sent me the game "Osmo Hot Wheels MindRacers". I didn't know much about the game until the package arrived, just watched some marketing videos. [...]
8 December 2018
With Frax HD you can admire fractals in retina resolution - also animated. A great toy for cozy Christmas days on the sofa.

Frax HD: Mandelbrot Crowd, Apple Men, Julia and other fractals on the iPad

Today there's another story about the legendary "past"! It was probably like that in the 90s of the last millennium when I had contact with "Mr. Mandelbrot" for the first time on my C64. At that time [...]
21. November 2018
Here's my tip on how to bring a frozen iPad back to life.

Reader's question: iPad screen frozen - what to do?

I got a question yesterday from a reader whose daughter had problems with her iPad. She has an iPad of the 2nd or 3rd generation, which simply no longer reacts to inputs via the touchscreen [...]