Contributions to the iPad from Apple

No question about it, the introduction of the iPad was a small revolution. I bought the first version straight away and it's still used by the children now. Much doesn’t work on it anymore, but it’s amazing that after so many years it can still be used for simple games, films or puzzles.

My current work iPad is a 10,5 inch iPad Pro that has enough CPU power to even cut 4K video material with Luma Fusion. And it is already a few years old and by no means the newest and fastest model of Apple tablets.

15. November 2013
Adonit Jot Pro V3 Stylus

Adonit Dampening Jot Pro V3 at Amazon at a bargain price

If it had been up to [Steve-> steve-jobs], there would be no writing instruments for the iPad on the market today. He was firmly convinced that no one needed such a stylus, because everyone has [...]
28. October 2013
Eye-Fi-Mobi card

New Eye-Fi mobi SD card transfers photos and films to iOS devices

The company [Eye-Fi-> eye-fi] is certainly already known to many photographers. The Eye-Fi SD cards called "Pro X2" were popular in the past to transfer photos or videos from the digital camera directly to the computer [...]
9. October 2013
Apple Keynote October 2013

iPads, Mac Pros and Mac OS X Mavericks - everything is new in October

The relevant Mac sites seem to be in the rumor mill again and, after reading the coffee grounds, predict October 22 as the date for the next Apple event. I personally use [...]
21. August 2013
Icon ask Sir Apfelot

How do I clean my iPhone, iPad or iMac display?

A few days ago an acquaintance asked me the best way to clean your iMac display. Of course, the question also applies to the iPhone display and the iPad display, although these displays are even more sensitive because they [...]
23. January 2013
Lightning on SD card

Apple Lightning SD card reader - useful equipment for mobile photographers

An article in the [Macwelt-> macwelt] made me aware of an interesting adapter today. It is a cable that has a Lightning connector on one side and a slot on the other [...]
21. January 2013
Lightning Dock Big

Lightning Dock for iPad, iPad mini and iPhone

In this post I would like to introduce a Lightning Dock that can also carry larger iOS devices such as the iPad 4 or the iPad Mini - of course it is also compatible with the iPhone 5, but the [...]
10 December 2012
Icon glossary


Withings is a provider of various devices that all interact with iOS devices. Using the appropriate apps, the user can access his account at Withings.com, where he can call up and evaluate the data that the [...]
28. November 2012
Adonit Jot PRO V2 Stylus Pen

New stylus for iPad and iPhone: Adonit Jot PRO V2 Dampening Stylus Pen

If Steve had his way, there would be no stylus for the iPad nor one for the iPhone. But it doesn't always work the way you want it. And because some people like to use the iPad [...]
19. November 2012
Elgato EyeTV Netstream satellite tuner

Stream television using elgato EyeTV over WiFi

We have a Dreambox 800 running here at home. It has been bothering me a lot for several months. Not that the device is not good - it does its job, is small, has a small hard drive extension and [...]