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4 December 2019

Good headphones for the iPhone 11 (Pro / Pro Max)

A wide variety of headphones are available for the Apple iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. True wireless models are of course best, as they do not require a physical interface (jack, Lightning, USB-C) and can be [...]
16 October 2019

Instructions: Switch off the Apple iPhone 11 (Pro / Pro Max) and shut it down

The Apple smartphone models from 2019 do not have a home button. Nevertheless, you can of course switch off the iPhone 11 and shut down the iPhone 11 Pro (Max). This not only conserves the battery, but can also be used within [...]
7 October 2019

Flicker gate: Apple iPhone 11 Pro display flickers

Under certain circumstances it can happen that the Apple iPhone 11 Pro display flickers. The screen then changes its brightness annoyingly quickly and frequently. This of course restricts the trouble-free use and makes the [...]
11 September 2019
The Deep Fusion feature is reserved for the iPhone 11 Pro

Deep Fusion is Apple's answer to Google's Night Sight feature for low-light photography

In the keynote, in which, among other things, the iPhone 11 Pro was presented, Phil Schiller gave a little insight into a feature that Apple calls "Deep Fusion". According to Phil Schiller, this is [...]
11 September 2019

Apple iPhone 11 Pro (Max) - information, pictures and technical specifications

Yesterday, Apple presented the iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro Max at a special event, the annual “September Keynote”. Why the new smartphones were presented as professional devices in the context of the presentation is shown [...]
10 September 2019

Apple September Keynote 2019: Summary of the iPhone event

Today's Apple Special Event is over, the Steve Jobs Theater in Apple Park is now probably empty again. I watched the annual “September Keynote” from Cupertino live stream and made notes at the same time. Their [...]
21 August 2018

Prevent automatic switching of the lenses on the iPhone 7/8 Plus, iPhone X camera

If you like to record videos with a current iPhone model and use the zoom, then it can happen that the lens of the double camera is changed during the recording. How do you have an automatic switch [...]