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18 May 2021

iPhone 4, 5 and SE Hard Reset - Force Restart

If you have to force a restart on an old Apple iPhone, the hard reset is the way to achieve your goal. So if the iPhone 4, 5 or SE freezes, the system no longer responds or a [...]
26 November 2016
Repairing the iPhone 4 home button: you don't always have to change the button. Sometimes cleaning helps too! (Photos: Sir Apfelot)

Instructions: Repair iPhone 4 Home Button without changing

A few days ago a friend told me that the home button on her iPhone 4 would no longer work. Undoubtedly a very annoying mistake ... Since they bought the device a good year ago [...]
28 March 2014
Scope of delivery iFixTheButton

iPhone 4 home button repair for technology dummies

Of the four iPhone 4 models that are still in use among my friends, only three have the home button gate. For those who are not in the picture: The home button seems to be particularly visible on the 4-series iPhone [...]
21 March 2013
Instructions: Battery replacement for the Ion Audio Blockrocker

Apple iPhone 4 manual as download

The [Apple iPhone 4-> iphone-4] has broken all sales records and has become a favorite with many users with its retina display. The [integrated digital camera-> digital camera] also has a convincing quality. The device can actually be operated intuitively and [...]
6 December 2012
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Error 3194 when updating iPhone 4

Hello! I want to update my iPhone 4 with iTunes. Whenever I try that, I get "Error 3194". I have an Apple iPhone 4 and use it with iTunes on my PC. The […]
4 December 2012
Callstel iPhone 4 / 4s case with battery

iPhone case with reserve battery - Callstel cover with awards

The idea is as simple as it is ingenious: you simply connect an iPhone protective cover to an additional battery, which ensures longer runtime when you are on standby or surfing. But as always there are some who tackle the problem and just [...]