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1 June 2022

Internal memo: These Apple products will soon be "vintage" and "obsolete"

According to media reports on an internal Apple memo, some products will be classified as "vintage" or "obsolete" by the end of June 2022. Apple calls its products vintage when they have not been sold for five to seven years. As […]
18 May 2021

iPhone 4, 5 and SE Hard Reset - Force Restart

If you have to force a restart on an old Apple iPhone, the hard reset is the way to achieve your goal. So if the iPhone 4, 5 or SE freezes, the system no longer responds or a [...]
30 October 2019

Protection against total failure: iOS update for iPhone 5 and 4s as well as old iPads

There is an iOS update that is specifically aimed at old Apple mobile devices and will protect them from the failure of many important functions until the beginning of November 2019. This has to do with the "Week Roll Over" of the GPS signal [...]
4 October 2016
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Siri turns 5: Apple's voice recognition with assistance function is celebrating its birthday

Exactly 5 years ago today, on October 4th 2011, Siri was introduced to the world. Apple's speech recognition, which can process not only individual words but also entire sentences - and above all questions - [...]
25 March 2013
Apple iPhone 4s

Buy used Apple iPhone 4s at Amazon

The Apple iPhone 4s is currently a popular choice for people who don't necessarily need the performance and large display of the [iPhone 5-> iphone-5]. With the 4s you have a relatively fast smartphone from Apple, [...]