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2 August 2021

iPhone 8 (Plus) Hard Reset - Force restart

Do you have to force the iPhone 8 to restart because the display does not respond, the home button doesn't do anything or an app has a resource-guzzling bug? Then the iPhone 8 Hard Reset will help you with [...]
10 April 2018

Buy iPhone 8 as (RED) ® Edition: Available from today! (Short message)

Starting today, April 10, 2018, you can order the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus as a red special edition and thus support Apple's (RED) partnership. The Product Red version of the smartphone from Cupertino was available [...]
11 December 2017

Reader question: do the iPhone X and iPhone 8 support Qualcomm Quick Charge?

In comments, via the contact form and directly by e-mail, questions from readers arrive here in the blog from time to time. One of the readers' questions recently read: "Do the iPhone X and iPhone 8 support [...]
18 September 2017
iPhone case, phone case iPhone X, case, iPhone 8 Plus, protective cover

Quad Lock cases for iPhone 8/8 Plus and iPhone X.

From Quad Lock, a manufacturer of universally applicable mobile phone cases, there are now again new case models - for the Apple smartphones iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. The Quad Lock cases can be [...]
16 September 2017

iPhone X battery capacity: This is how much mAh the Apple premium smartphone has

The new Apple iPhone X is out and anyone considering buying the smartphone naturally wants to know how much capacity the battery has. How much charge in mAh does the iPhone X [...]
15 September 2017
iPhone8 mAh, Apple 8 Plus battery capacity, charge, battery

iPhone 8 / Plus battery capacity: That's how much mAh the new Apple smartphones have

On Tuesday, in addition to the Apple Watch Series 3 and iPhone X, the two smartphones iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus were presented to the public in the newly inaugurated Steve Jobs Theater in Apple Park. [...]
13 September 2017
Price comparison Apple iPhone 8 Plus X Samsung Galaxy S8 Note 8

iPhone 8 (Plus) prices - that's how much the new Apple smartphones cost

In addition to the "One More Thing" for 2017, the Apple iPhone X, there were also the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 at this year's September keynote, which took place for the first time in the new Steve Jobs Theater [...]
12 September 2017
Apple September Keynote 2017 Summary iPhone X Event

Apple September Keynote 2017: iPhone 8, iPhone X, Apple Watch 3 and more

Today, September 12, 2017, the traditional Apple September keynote took place for the first time in the Steve Jobs Theater in Apple Park in Cupertino - and in addition to the iPhone X, the iPhone 8 and [...]
12 September 2017

iPhone X rumors: no more wow factor at Apple?

The Apple September Keynote 2017 will take place today and we can be curious what to expect with regard to the new iPhone models ... or not? Because apparently everything has already leaked and read, from betas of [...]
31 August 2017
Apple Event on September 12, 2017: Let's meet at our place! iPhone 8

Apple Event on September 12, 2017: Let's meet at our place! (Short message)

It's official: the date of this year's September keynote from Apple with the presentation of the new iPhone 8, the iMac Pro, iOS 11, macOS 10.13 High Sierra, maybe an Apple Watch Series 3 and many more [...]