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9. September 2021

iPhone Guide: How to Get Apps on the Home Screen

If you install an iOS app on your Apple iPhone, it may not be automatically displayed on the start screen or home screen. This means the display that appears when you open the lock screen [...]
7. November 2018
LightSpectrum Pro: Measure color temperature with the iPhone

LightSpectrum Pro: Measure color temperature and color spectrum with the iPhone

I just finished the test report on the LED tea lights and stumbled upon the color temperature measurement. A customer stated the color temperature of the LED candles to be 2900 Kelvin and I felt the need to [...]
17. February 2017
During the training you can see in the video how the exercise is carried out and in addition you can see the remaining time of the workout at the top left, a thin, red progress bar at the bottom and at the top right at the red point you can see how many are still pending for exercises with repetitions.

Asana Rebel Yoga App in the test: My experience with the virtual yoga trainer

I've been talking about yoga for a good four years. I had a herniated disc back then, which I stupidly suffered when I was just removing the box from my brand new 27 inch iMac from [...]
21. September 2015
App Store as a malware slingshot

Malware in the Apple App Store: Already 344 apps infected by XcodeGhost

In the past, apps that were loaded onto jailbroken iPhones from the alternative app reference point Cydia were mainly infected with malware. However, a large number of programs are now also available from the official app [...]
April 30, 2015
Evernote logo

Evernote - the German manual in book form

I have the Evernote app on both my iPhone and MacBook. Unfortunately not really in use yet, because I simply don't have the background knowledge of how to use the notes app properly [...]
16. January 2015
iPhone App Be My Eyes Registration

iPhone app for the blind and visually impaired: Be My Eyes brings help for sighted people

Anyone who has not yet done any voluntary work can now comfortably do so from the sofa and log into the "Be My Eyes" app. The free universal app, the name of which is called "Be mine [...]
7. September 2014
Hyperlapse ant parade

Instagram Hyperlapse App: The 12 Best Videos Made with the iPhone App

On the website of the English-language Mirror magazine, I found a nice compilation of videos that were made with the Hyperlapse app from Instagram. The iPhone app records videos in the time-lapse effect, but uses software stabilization to [...]
1th of June 2014
Momondo flight search

Momondo App: Cheap flights and fun facts about your friends

I'll admit it ... I installed the Momondo app for iPhone more because of the fun facts about my Facebook friends. However, the real purpose of the app is to find cheap flights around the world. You wear the [...]