iPhone as a webcam

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25 March 2022

Detail App: Use multiple cameras (including iPhone and iPad) on the Mac

On the Apple Mac, you need a camera every now and then, for FaceTime calls with family, for online team meetings, for streaming, tutorials, interviews and more. If the built-in camera in MacBook, iMac, […]
11 June 2020

DroidCam - use your iPhone or Android smartphone as a WiFi webcam

In addition to the also recommended EpocCam app, you can also use DroidCam to turn your Android smartphone or Apple iPhone into a webcam. However, this does not work in conjunction with macOS, but only with Windows [...]
1 June 2020

Mac tip: Use your iPhone as a webcam with EpocCam

With the EpocCam app you can use your Apple iPhone or Android smartphone as a webcam on your Mac or PC. This works across all manufacturers, so that you can also use an Android device on a Mac computer or an iPhone on a Windows PC [...]