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22 August 2022

The top three camera app improvements in iOS 16

In addition to the numerous innovations in the Photos app under iOS 16, the upgrade of the iPhone operating system also includes a few additional functions for the camera app. The three that stand out the most, I present […]
2 May 2022

iPhone Camera Lenses: Macro, Wide, Fisheye, Zoom and more

With the Pro models of current iPhone generations, you get a choice of three camera lenses for smartphone photography. But what if you want to take nice photos with an iPhone SE or an older Apple cell phone? Therefore there is […]
8 December 2021
What are the differences between the iPhone 13 Pro and the iPhone 12 Pro?

Comparison of iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro - which is different?

Every year I ponder whether a switch from the old to the new iPhone model is worthwhile for me. This was particularly difficult with the iPhone 12 Pro, as the camera specifications also differ between the iPhone 12 Pro [...]
23 September 2021

iPhone 13 Pro camera test by Austin Mann

It has become a tradition in recent years for the photographer Austin Mann to grab the current iPhone Pro model shortly after the market launch and put the camera system through its paces. To do this, he usually goes [...]
14 September 2021
Buy iPhone 13 - yes or no?

Will Sir Apfelot buy the new Apple iPhone 13?

I know that some readers always ask me after the keynote whether I can recommend this or that product. Special attention is usually paid to the iPhone. Also with the iPhone 12 [...]
6 May 2021

Motorcycling destroys camera stabilization on iPhone 11 and 12

Yesterday, RJ shared its experiences with the iPhone 12 Pro with regard to the contribution to switching off optical image stabilization on older iPhone models. This was used as a navigation system during a longer journey and accordingly on [...]
9 April 2021

iPhone Photos - Activate / deactivate save location as recording location

For photos and videos, the Apple iPhone's camera app can save the current location as the recording location in the file. But what is the point of this information and how can you find the location while using the camera in iOS [...]
6 April 2021

Record iPhone videos at 25 fps: Here's how!

Depending on the resolution, you can record videos on the Apple iPhone with 24, 30 or 60 frames per second. This value - which can climb to 240 in slow motion recordings - is also used as frames per second [...]
16 December 2020

iPhone video: Memory for 1 minute in 720p, 1080p and 4K (24, 30, 60, 120, 240 fps)

How much memory does one minute of video use on Apple iPhone? What is the best video resolution and fps number when space is limited? Here I answer these and other questions for you. Because maybe [...]
15 December 2020

iPhone instructions: set the resolution and fps of videos

Thanks to iOS 14, you can manually set the resolution and fps of video recordings not only on newer Pro models, but also on older iPhones. I tried the corresponding option on the iPhone X from 2017. [...]