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8. October 2021

iPhone guides: iOS 15 manuals with and without a video course

Starting today, you can purchase new iPhone manuals for using iOS 15 on compatible devices. Anton Ochsenkühn has 254 pages full of instructions, assistance and tips as well as QR codes that lead you to video tutorials. All in all […]
30. September 2020

iOS 14 manual with 4h video tutorials by Anton Ochsenkühn

Today the new iPhone manual from Anton Ochsenkühn appears, in which he takes a close look at iOS 14. From newbies using an Apple smartphone for the first time to Apple fans who can easily get to grips with the [...]
15. March 2019

Book tip: iPhone iOS 12 manual by Anton Ochsenkühn

Here in the blog I have already introduced you to one and the other advice book by Anton Ochsenkühn from amac-buch Verlag. And other macOS manuals already have a permanent place in the [...]