iPhone X battery

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22 December 2017
The fastest, easiest way to charge iPhone X, 8, and 8 Plus? These diagrams of two series of measurements provide information!

The fastest, easiest way to charge iPhone X, 8, and 8 Plus

The ability to charge the battery of the Apple iPhone models X, 8 and 8 Plus faster not only via USB-C Power Delivery, but also wirelessly via Qi technology, not only results in new, rapid charging times, but also [...]
8 December 2017
iOS 11 battery indicator

Battery charge: iPhone X, XS, XR battery display in percent

If you want to know at a glance how much battery charge the battery still has in percent of the Apple iPhone models with a home button, you can use the iOS settings to display a corresponding display for the status bar [...]
28. November 2017
Apple iPhone X save battery, screen brightness, invert colors, activate grayscale

Extend iPhone X battery life: Smart Invert, grayscale and black pixels

The Apple iPhone X is the first smartphone from Cupertino that has an OLED display instead of an LCD display. This means that the screen is no longer completely backlit, but that each LED or OLED is a pixel [...]
16. September 2017

iPhone X battery capacity: This is how much mAh the Apple premium smartphone has

The new Apple iPhone X is out and anyone considering buying the smartphone naturally wants to know how much capacity the battery has. How much charge in mAh does the iPhone X [...]
15. September 2017

Apple iPhone X: 30 minutes for 50% battery - that will be expensive!

On the Apple website, where you can see the technical data of the iPhone X, it is stated that the battery of the device can be charged by 30% in just 50 minutes with the right technology. Fast [...]