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2 December 2021

iPhone X Hard Reset - Force Restart

If the Apple iPhone no longer responds to inputs, if it is frozen, does not start properly or is stuck on a bugged app, then this is rather uncomfortable. Because in addition to the display, the [...]
11 October 2018
RhinoShield featured image

RhinoShield cases and bumpers for iPhone Xs Max, Xs, XR, X and other models

Why do you need a RhinoShield iPhone case? Well, even the toughest display glass and the best aluminum frame sometimes don't help if you drop the iPhone awkwardly. While repair costs in the range of 50 [...]
21 August 2018

Prevent automatic switching of the lenses on the iPhone 7/8 Plus, iPhone X camera

If you like to record videos with a current iPhone model and use the zoom, then it can happen that the lens of the double camera is changed during the recording. How do you have an automatic switch [...]
19 February 2018

iOS instructions: Force close app on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

If an app on your Apple mobile device no longer responds, if it slows down the iOS significantly, or if other problems occur, then you can force it to close. Forcing an app to quit works here [...]
11 December 2017

Reader question: do the iPhone X and iPhone 8 support Qualcomm Quick Charge?

In comments, via the contact form and directly by e-mail, questions from readers arrive here in the blog from time to time. One of the readers' questions recently read: "Do the iPhone X and iPhone 8 support [...]
6 December 2017
The scope of delivery of the wireless charger only includes the charging stand, a micro-USB cable and instructions - you don't need more if you still have an old USB power supply unit or an active USB hub available (photos: Sir Apfelot). .

In the test: Qi charger suitable for iPhone X and 8 with case

After my iPhone X finally arrived three days ago, I finally have a device with which I can basically test wireless Qi chargers. One of them is presented right here: For almost 30 [...]
10 November 2017
Which iPhone X gesture for, like swipe, key combination, operation, instructions

iPhone X Gestures Overview: Brief Operating Instructions

The Apple iPhone X with iOS 11 has been offering new controls since November 2017 - compared to the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, which users of previous models hardly need to get used to, [...]
6 November 2017
Lack of security with the face recognition of the Apple smartphone 2017?

Face ID Bug: Relatives can (not) unlock iPhone X.

There were recently several reports on the Reddit platform that the Face ID of the Apple iPhone X, which is actually so secure, is being used by relatives - for example with siblings, but also with parents and children - as [...]
6 November 2017

iPhone X teardown: iFixit shows hardware of the Apple flagship

Ten years after the first real smartphone from Apple, the iPhone X recently hit the market. First presented at the Apple September Keynote 2017, it is now in the hands of users who [...]
20 September 2017

In comparison: Apple iPhone X and Xiaomi Mi Mix 2

With the iPhone X, Apple released a new premium smartphone at the September 2017 keynote that sets standards in many ways. The new Apple smartphone, which was released for the anniversary of the device series and in honor of Steve Jobs, [...]