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15 December 2021

iPhone XR Hard Reset - Force Restart

Sometimes you have to force a restart on the Apple iPhone XR. This is necessary, among other things, if the screen freezes and you can no longer use the touch display, if the buttons on the sides of the device [...]
16. August 2020
My experience: Bought a used iPhone Xr at Flip4Shop

iPhone Xr bought used at Flip4Shop - my experiences

So far, my daughter has wandered the world without a smartphone. With the start of the 5th grade, however, she is so far advanced in our view that she needs a cell phone to communicate with classmates. [...]
19. October 2018

Apple iPhone XR with tariff for only 1 euro additional payment (advertisement)

Have you already received an email from Apple promoting the iPhone XR, which is available from today? Then you might also be wondering where you can get the device with tariff from. I have there […]
11. October 2018
RhinoShield featured image

RhinoShield cases and bumpers for iPhone Xs Max, Xs, XR, X and other models

Why do you need a RhinoShield iPhone case? Well, even the toughest display glass and the best aluminum frame sometimes don't help if you drop the iPhone awkwardly. While repair costs in the range of 50 [...]
12. September 2018

Summary: Apple Special Event, September 12, 2018

The Apple Special Event on September 12, 2018 has only just ended, and here's a recap of the iPhone event. We haven't seen all of the devices that are rumored to be on stage [...]