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30 December 2021

iPhone XS (Max) Hard Reset - Force Restart

You can force a restart on the iOS smartphone with an Apple iPhone XS hard reset. This is necessary, for example, if the device is in a boot loop, an app is spinning around, the display does not respond to any input [...]
14 September 2021
Buy iPhone 13 - yes or no?

Will Sir Apfelot buy the new Apple iPhone 13?

I know that some readers always ask me after the keynote whether I can recommend this or that product. Special attention is usually paid to the iPhone. Also with the iPhone 12 [...]
15 June 2021

Features in iOS 15 that require an iPhone XR, XS or later

The iPhone operating system iOS 15, which was introduced last week and will be rolled out as an update for compatible devices in autumn 2021, brings with it various new features and options. You can use iOS 15 on all devices that [...]
17 November 2020
Photo comparison iPhone Xs vs. iPhone 12 Pro

Photos from iPhone XS and iPhone 12 Pro compared

If you expect impressive photos of the wilderness in Canada, New Zealand or Iceland in this article, you will unfortunately be disappointed. As much as I like Austin Mann's photo reviews (here for the iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 […]
12 March 2020
Charmast 20.800 mAh power bank in the test

In the test: Charmast 20.800 mAh power bank with USB-C, Lightning and Power Delivery

The last power bank that excited me so much that I gave it a blog article was the Zendure A8, of which I tried the Quick Charge variant at the time. Meanwhile I have the Zendure A8 [...]
17 October 2019
The Aukey PA-D5 is a 60 watt dual-port USB-C charger that can even charge the MacBook Pro without sacrificing speed (photos: Sir Apfelot).

In the test: Aukey 60W dual-port PD charger with 2x USB-C

Finally a charger that I've wanted in my "fleet" for a long time. If you want to charge a MacBook Pro and an iPad Pro at the same time with USB-C, you can't avoid two USB-C charging ports. There […]
5 October 2019
I like the snugle. Due to the unconventional attachment and the minimal size, you can always have the lens with you and use it with a cover.

The Snugle lens for the smartphone: Macro photography with the iPhone

A few weeks ago I had a few likes on my Instagram profile from a user whose profile contained very nice macro photos. On the profile page I found a link to Snugle - a small [...]
8 June 2019
The bookcase from KMP is a classic fold-out cover that also protects the iPhone display thanks to the microfiber coating on the inside (photos. Sir Apfelot).

Vegan iPhone case: KMP Green Up Protective Bookcase for the iPhone XS in the test

As a rule, I am grateful when manufacturers want to send me a cover for a test. Mostly it concerns cheap products made of PU or silicone, as you can get them for five to ten euros
19 May 2019
Surprisingly, the motif came out of the camera roll almost exactly like this. I only made minimal changes to the exposure and the crop. The good weather was certainly decisive for the blue sky to harmonize with the daisy (Photo: Sir Apfelot).

My favorite photos that I took with the iPhone XS - #shotoniphonexs

For years, Apple has been encouraging people to share photos taken with their iPhone on social media using the hashtag #shotoniphone. If you want, you can of course use the special iPhone model with [...]
10 May 2019
Even with the hardwrk battery case, the iPhone is comfortable to hold - but you should hold it the right way round so that you can see the display. ;-)

In the test: Magnetic battery case from hardwrk for wireless charging of the iPhone XS

Today I have a little specialty in the Sir Apfelot test studio: a magnetic battery case for the iPhone XS that charges the iPhone via Qi charging. Why the Magnetic Battery Case is magnetic and how quickly it can charge the iPhone [...]