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17. September 2015
Improvements firmware update UP2

Firmware update for the Jawbone UP2 and UP3 - what is it and what is not?

A few weeks ago I was sent a Jawbone UP2 as a test product, which I have been using every day since then and therefore in an endurance test. The corresponding test report is still pending, but it will be published in the next few weeks [...]
10 JULY 2015
Jawbone Up3 in silver

Which fitness bracelet is compatible with my iPhone?

You've probably read a lot about fitness bracelets, which are pretty much in vogue right now. This is because they not only motivate movement, for example by monitoring the achievement of certain goals (10.000 [...]
14. May 2013
Big Jambox from Jawbone

Big Jambox from Jawbone - my test

A few weeks ago I received an inquiry in my mailbox asking me to let me test the Big Jambox for a while. If I felt like it, I could post a review on my blog [...]