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26. January 2021
ExifRenamer: Rename photos with Exif date

ExifRenamer: Rename photo files according to the EXIF ​​date

I have just discovered - while researching a reader question in the forum - a small, practical tool for the Mac that is particularly suitable for people who have their photos with their own folder structure [...]
11. January 2019
Post photo image file extensions

Well-known image file extensions with 3 and 4 letters

The file extensions of image files usually only have three or four letters. Such image file extensions are obviously often searched for in crossword puzzles when it comes to the subject of EDP abbreviations. To do the thing for the people [...]
21. December 2018
The Optimage tool is a Mac app for image optimization and compression of image files.

Optimage - The Mac tool for compressing PNG and JPG images

Since I count down practically every photo in my blog, a long time ago I read through various tests on programs that specialize in compressing images for websites. I have been using TinyPNG so far [...]
18. December 2018

Convert JPG to PDF on the Apple Mac

If you save a graphic as a JPG or JPEG, it is available as an image file that can be edited and changed. In particular, scanned documents, receipts or even photos would then be "safely" stored as PDF. [...]
15. December 2014
JPEG format file extension

.jpg file extension

The file extension ".jpg" or ".jpeg" is usually found in image files. The image format is supported as an output format by DSLR or compact digital cameras, for example. Due to the compression and the associated loss [...]