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26. March 2019

Apple News + - Over 300 magazines in digital collective subscription

As part of yesterday's “It's show time” keynote, Apple presented some new services for its customers in the Steve Jobs Theater. This also included an extension for the news app. Under the name Apple News + (spoken: [...]
12. September 2017

iPhone X rumors: no more wow factor at Apple?

The Apple September Keynote 2017 will take place today and we can be curious what to expect with regard to the new iPhone models ... or not? Because apparently everything has already leaked and read, from betas of [...]
8. September 2016
iPhone 7 prices - that's how much the Apple smartphone costs in Germany

iPhone 7 / Plus prices - that's how much the new Apple smartphone costs

The new iPhone 7 will be available for pre-order shortly and for this reason the question of the price of smartphones in Germany is currently very common. At the Apple Keynote 2016 [...]
30. August 2016
apple keynote 2016 iphone 7 september stream

See you on the 7th: Apple Keynote 2016 with the new iPhone takes place on September 7th

The Apple Keynote 2016, at which the new iPhone 7 (or the iPhone 6SE?) Will be presented, will now officially take place on September 7, 2016. Here I have summarized all the information about it. Which […]
27 JULY 2016
Apple Thunderbolt Display 2016 before the end?

The Apple Thunderbolt Display is no longer in the Apple shop in 2016 - here are the alternatives!

The Apple Thunderbolt Display introduced in 2011, an external monitor from Apple that could be coupled with various devices, is now on the brink of end. If you can't get hold of any remaining stock in the Apple Store or online, you can [...]
23. March 2016
iPad Pro big and small

The iPad Pro 9,7 inch - New Mini Power Tablet from Apple (Early 2016)

With the keynote on Monday, March 21, 2016, at which the new iPhone SE was also presented, there was the successor to the iPad Air 2014 presented in 2 and the iPad mini 2015 presented in 4 [...]
9. September 2015
Apple Event on September 9, 2015

Hey Siri: do I need the new Apple iPhone 6s ???

I have just finished looking at Apple's September (2015) iPhone Keynote and, as always after the iPhone Keynote in September every year, I ask myself whether you should buy the new iPhone or [...]
3. September 2013
iPhone 5c photo

iPhone 5c

The Apple iPhone 5c is probably the cheap version [of the new iPhone-> new iphone]. The "C" in the name should probably stand for "cheap". Whether Apple actually calls the iPhone that is pure speculation. [...]
23. August 2013
iWork on iCloud

Pages, Number and Keynote are now in the cloud

You can still find the symbols of Pages, Numbers and Keynote with a thick yellow "BETA" banderole, but at least all [iCloud users-> icloud] can now try out this web software. This free Office Light version from Apple should work with the [...]
1 JULY 2013
Icon ask Sir Apfelot

Connect iPhone or iPad to a VGA projector?

Hello Sir Apfelot! I like to use the Keynote software to prepare presentations. So far I have always connected my MacBook Pro to the projector with a mini-DVI adapter to VGA. However, a friend asked me why I [...]