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10 December 2021

Sir Apfelot newsreel week 49, 2021

We are making great strides towards the end of the year - and like every Friday, your loyal companion is Sir Apfelot Wochenschau. In this issue I'll show you what Apple and tech news I [...]
3 December 2021

Learn to program: give away a Raspberry Pi set for Christmas

The Raspberry Pi 4 is a very compact, but very powerful mini-computer. The finished Raspberry board, which you can buy for your own expansions, programming projects and the like, offers many opportunities for tinkering and learning to program. Therefore [...]
1 December 2021

Learn to program: give away an Arduino set for Christmas

The Arduino board and the components that can be combined with it are ideal if you or someone around you wants to program a device with sensors. Your own alarm system, an automatic system for watering flowers, a weather station with automatic data transmission or [...]
20 August 2021

This is how children can learn to code

Smartphones, apps, Internet of Things, streaming, social media - none of this is a dream of the future, it is the reality of our lives. In addition to the World Wide Web, computers and everything else that serves as a foundation for the "new" offers, [...]
13 May 2020

Learn PHP - The Best Books, Courses, and Websites

Learn PHP, there are many ways to do this; from YouTube tutorials on programming to PHP textbooks and professional tutorials in web courses. If you want to internalize the programming language sufficiently, you should start with the basics and [...]
2 January 2020

Everyone can code - Apple helps teachers and students

Teaching and learning to code, these are the main areas in which Apple wants to support both teachers and students. The corresponding program is called "Everyone can program" and not only offers age-appropriate learning apps, but also a professional [...]
22 October 2019

DJI RoboMaster S1 - Programmable "fighting robot" for playful learning

Learning to program in a playful way and immersing yourself in the programming languages ​​Scratch 3.0 and Python, that's what the DJI RoboMaster S1 robot allows. Not only can you assemble it yourself, but also the remote control, its ball thrower, the wheels and [...]
13 March 2018

Microlearn for Swift: Learn with videos and the Martin Lexow app

It has been a few months since I received the email from Martin Lexow that I could test his MacApp "Mikrolern für Swift". There is already a short contribution to Martin's YouTube videos [...]
16 October 2017
Learn HTML, JavaScript, CSS online

WOZ U - education. Reprogrammed.

Inspired by Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple Computer, an online educational program called WOZ U was created. According to the creators, it is designed to offer technology and related careers that [...]
30 January 2017
Lego Boost Robot Motor Learn Programming App iOS Android for children, teenagers, adults, lessons

Lego Boost: Robots, learning to program, using sensors and more with blocks

Lego already has a regular place in this blog, from August 2017, in addition to the robot, programming and technology sets already presented, Lego Boost will also be added. Lego Boost is intended to bring children closer to robotics and programming in a playful way [...]