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7. March 2020
Find Safari bookmarks file on Mac

[Reader's question] Where can I find the file for the Safari bookmarks on the Mac?

Today I got a question from my reader Hartmut, aimed at finding the file in which Safari manages and saves the bookmarks data: Where can I find my iMac from 2017 and OS [...]
5th of June 2019
Apple Mail Tips and Tricks

Apple Mail mailbox and folders cannot be deleted

Today there is another tip that I have only just learned myself. These are folders or mailboxes in Apple Mail that cannot be deleted in the normal way. In the […]
28. February 2018

Mac Tip: Make the Library folder visible in Time Machine

Yesterday, a reader question came in about making the macOS Library folder visible in Time Machine. Because Apple hides this directory both in the Finder and in the backup. However, who [...]