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25 June 2022
Multi USB charging cable photo

3-in-1 multi-USB charging cable with USB-C, Lightning and Micro-USB - my pick of week 13

Don't be surprised, we're well past week 13, but I have to fill the list little by little and I'm a bit behind at the moment. That's why this is only the pick of the week of week 13. [...]
1 March 2022

Apple iPhone: what comes after the Lightning connector?

In 2012 Apple introduced the Lightning connector, back then on the iPhone 5, the 4th generation iPad and the iPod nano (7th gen) or iPod Touch (5th gen). Today, the Lightning interface is still coming […]
2 November 2021

iPhone 13 charging cables - You can use these cables

Which iPhone 13 charging cables are there, which are recommended and which can even damage the battery? Here you will find some information to help you find the right cable for charging the battery on the Apple iPhone [...]
2 November 2019
Lightning USB-C charging cable from Veelink

[Update] In the test: Veelink Lightning USB-C charging cable for less than 8 euros

I ordered the first USB-C to Lightning charging cable from Apple years ago. At that time it was still for 30 or 40 euros - so with the typical penalty that Apple likes to charge for such adapter cables. And it must [...]
13 June 2019

Comparison of Lightning and USB-C - which is better?

Apple is slowly but surely switching its mobile devices from Lightning connections to USB-C. This means that chargers and connection cables from other manufacturers can be used, USB OTG functions can be used and other advantages can be taken advantage of. But there is also […]
12 June 2019
The workmanship of the mfi-certified USB-C to Lightning cables from tizi is very good. The plugs are tight and the cable looks very robust.

In the test: tizi flip Ultra USB-C to Lightning cable for fast charging of iPhone and iPad

The manufacturer Equinux recently provided me with two copies of their new USB-C to Lightning cables for a test. The cables are called "tizi flip Ultra" and allow iPad and iPhone to be charged [...]
22 March 2019

Apple and the charging cable gate - my opinion on it ...

The EU, however much it is criticized for some things, advocates international solutions in many modern questions. This also applies to technical developments and solutions in order to make them understandable [...]
15 November 2017
headphone, headphones for iphone 7 iphone 8 iphone x

Reader's question: which headphones to use for the iPhone 7, 8 or iPhone X?

Which headphones can I use for the iPhone 7 (Plus), iPhone 8 (Plus) or iPhone X? - Many people who have previously used jack plugs to connect their smartphones to their ears are sure to ask this question. [...]
10 March 2017
Buy iPhone 7 charging cable, iPhone 7 Plus charging cable, Amazon Basic Basics, order online MFi certified certificate Apple made for iPhone Buy iPad charging cable 7 7 Plus 6 6s

Apple iPhone 7 charging cable: MFi-certified USB to Lightning cable (also for iPhone 7 Plus)

From the Amazon Basics iPhone 7 charging cable to iPhone 7 Plus USB to Lightning cables from other manufacturers, there are some very good offers, also and especially those that are MFi-certified, ie Made For iPhone, iPad [...]
11 January 2017
Charging and data cables in the pack - mfi certification included (photos: Sir Apfelot).

Test: Braided USB Lightning charging cable with aluminum plugs from inLine

First of all: I received the 2-meter Lightning USB charging cable from "inLine" for a test. The article is not a paid ad or anything like that. When I test something, the manufacturers do indeed have [...]