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5 December 2016
Digital iPhone stereo microphone with Lightning connector: The Shure MV88 is the right choice for musicians, podcasters and press people (Photo: Shure).

Reader question: which external Lightning stereo microphone is the best for iPad and iPhone?

Today my reader Anselm asked me which stereo microphone I would recommend for making recordings with the iPad or iPhone. The clip-on microphone should be used to record music in a rehearsal room. [...]
3 November 2016
At one end of the adapter you will find the Lightning socket and the 3,5 mm headphone connection ...

For the iPhone 7: Lightning to Lightning and headphones adapter allows you to charge and listen to music at the same time

It was known long before the release: The iPhone 7 or 7 Plus will no longer have a headphone jack and will only have a Lightning connector. Of course I knew that too, and yet I am [...]
4 March 2016
iPhone charging cable tested - here the Just Mobile AluCable Duo

7 USB-Lightning charging cables for iPhone and iPad in the test

In the March 2016 issue of MacLife magazine, the editors looked at seven charging cables for the Apple iPhone and iPad. Of course, it's about the USB-to-Lightning cables, as they are used in current models of iOS devices [...]
15 January 2014
Lightning Ethernet adapter

Lightning to Ethernet adapter: With this trick you can also access the Internet with the iPad via Ethernet

Not that easy, but it works. The [iPad-> ipad] can actually also be connected to the network with an [ethernet cable-> ethernet cable]! The whole action is not only possible with the iPad but also with the iPhone. And so […]
1 July 2013
Icon ask Sir Apfelot

Connect iPhone or iPad to a VGA projector?

Hello Sir Apfelot! I like to use the Keynote software to prepare presentations. So far I have always connected my MacBook Pro to the projector with a mini-DVI adapter to VGA. However, a friend asked me why I [...]
20 March 2013
Bowers & Wilkins Z2

Bowers & Wilkins Z2 music dock finally with airplay and lightning dock

The noble music forge [Bowers & Wilkins-> bowers-wilkins] have already released a number of products for the audiophile iPhone user that have only received top ratings among connoisseurs. Unfortunately, the well-known Zeppelin was still another [loudspeaker dock-> loudspeaker dock] from B&W [...]
12 March 2013
Cute Lightning to USB cable

The cute Lightning USB cable sets accents in everyday life

It doesn't always have to be the chic gray that has graced computers [1972-> 1972]. The manufacturer Cellapod has apparently had enough of the fact that cables always have to look boring and adhere to the [...]
23 January 2013
Lightning on SD card

Apple Lightning SD card reader - useful equipment for mobile photographers

An article in the [Macwelt-> macwelt] made me aware of an interesting adapter today. It is a cable that has a Lightning connector on one side and a slot on the other [...]
20 November 2012
xubix Lightning docking station

Lightning docking station from xubix for iPhone 5 and iPod Touch

Ok, in the previous post I thought the Lightning base stations were a new addition to Amazon, but I can already see: After a little research, you can already see a few on offer. I still want a docking station from a [...]
20 November 2012
Lightning docking station from Rydges for iPhone 5

First Lightning docking station available for the iPhone 5

While browsing Amazon I just noticed that there is the first (at least the first I know!) Lightning docking station for the iPhone 5. The docking station is from the manufacturer Rydges and has the product name "RMT-DSW1 [...]