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20. November 2021
Link Chest - List of High DR backlinks

Link Chest: strong link options for everyone - my pick of the KW45

My goodness ... I'm really behind when it comes to the picks of the week, but it's my turn! For calendar week 45 I have a nice straggler who should be interesting for every website owner, [...]
21. February 2013

Dofollow Blogs List for Search Engine Optimization

To get one thing straight up front: I don't want this list to be used by someone who posted the blogs with pointless comments like "Great blog! Keep up the good work!" spammed to build backlinks. I write here myself [...]
18. February 2013
SEO consulting in North Hesse

SEO consultant in North Hesse

This blog is a kind of hobby that I look after alongside my freelance work as an SEO consultant. I like to work on [Apple Macintosh computers-> apple-macintosh] and am also provided with an iPhone and iPad on the go - for the reason [...]