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10. October 2020
If the rotary knob on the Logitech Craft no longer works in Photoshop ...

[Solved] Logitech Craft wheel no longer works in Photoshop

Often you only notice how often you use things when they are suddenly no longer there. I feel like this every time the internet goes down. Then you can think of three things to do [...]
5th of June 2020
Change brush size in Photoshop with keyboard shortcut

Change Photoshop brush size and hardness with mouse and keyboard shortcut

I'm not sure how long I've been using the right mouse button and the Tools options menu in Photoshop to adjust the size of the brushes, but it must be years. In […]
4th of June 2020
Uninstall Logi Options

Uninstall Logitech Options software - if the keyboard or mouse is crazy

I've been testing the Logitech Craft wireless keyboard for you for a few days. First of all: The thing is pretty nice and the review will be relatively long because the keyboard offers a lot of possibilities and [...]
12. January 2018

Logitech Craft: Keyboard with rotary knob - the better touchbar alternative?

The wireless Logitech Craft keyboard is designed for Apple macOS as well as for Microsoft Windows and, in addition to the regular keys and a number pad, also comes with a rotary knob that controls various functions in the system and programs [...]