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18. August 2020

At the end of summer: Luminar 4 + Aurora HDR until 22.08/XNUMX. in the savings offer

The developers of Skylum have their photo editing software Luminar 4 and Aurora HDR from today and until August 22.08nd. made cheaper as a package. The offer is a real asset for photographers, for example. [...]
27. November 2019

Black Friday at Skylum: Luminar 4 + individual bonuses at a great price!

Skylum Software, the makers behind the Luminar 4 app for professional photo editing, are offering their new program with various bonuses at a budget price. The Black Friday 2019 promotion comes in three stages: Luminar 4 [...]
18. November 2019

Skylum Software - Luminar 4 Celebrates Official Release!

With Luminar 4, the most modern software for photo editing from Skylum Software appears today. You can now officially download Luminar 4 for macOS on the Apple Mac as well as for the Windows PC. [...]
18. October 2019

Pre-order Luminar 4: photo editing as an app and plug-in

The photo editing software Luminar 18 will be released by Skylum Software on November 2019, 4. From now on you can already pre-order Luminar 4 and thus secure a special price. In addition to the app, which are available in common [...]
28. August 2019

AI Structure - Luminar 4 with a smart structure tool

Skylum Luminar 4, which will be available soon, gets a new, smart tool for structure improvement. Because a wide variety of objects and structures can be found in a photo: buildings and urban areas, forests and [...]
23 JULY 2019

Luminar 4 with AI Sky Replacement - Wow function replaces the sky

If you want to create art with your photography instead of a true-to-life image, you might realize this by replacing the sky in a landscape photograph. What takes a long time in apps for image and photo editing such as Photoshop or Affinity Photo [...]