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26 September 2022

Excire Foto 2022 + Luminar Neo – bundle for photo editing workflow

Excire Foto for sorting and tagging photos and Luminar Neo for editing the recordings combine to offer a package for the photo editing workflow on Mac and PC. Among others, the creative studio Pavel Kaplun […]
29 August 2022

Luminar Neo: Resize images and remove backgrounds with extensions

In the middle of the month, the software company Skylum announced for Luminar Neo that the app should not just be another program for photo editing. Rather, Luminar Neo becomes a […]
16 August 2022

Luminar Neo - 7 expansions until the end of the year

The software company Skylum has announced that it will not be releasing any new apps this year. But the Luminar Neo, which was realized with the new engine and which you can buy here, should be available by the end of 2022 with […]