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20 September 2021

Bye, Mac App Store: Advantages of buying apps directly from developers

We recently received an email from our reader Peter, who pointed out a few advantages of buying an app outside of the Mac App Store. In his special case it was about the update of the Serif programs Affinity Photo, [...]
6 January 2021

The Mac App Store turns 10

"Apple announced today that the Mac App Store is now open with more than 1.000 free and paid apps," it said exactly ten years ago in a press release on January 6, 2011. Almost [...]
4 October 2018
If the Mac App Store only shows updates under macOS Mojave, I have the right solution for the problem here.

The Mac App Store only shows the “Updates” tab under macOS Mojave

I don't visit the Mac App Store that often, which is why I only noticed the error a few days after updating to macOS Mojave. My App Store on the Mac yesterday only showed [...]
6 October 2017
The Mac App Store is bad and coupon codes cannot be redeemed? Then the Apple ID may help log out and log in.

Solution: Mac App Store promo code or voucher code cannot be redeemed

A few days ago, Stefan asked me why he couldn't redeem a voucher code or promo code in the Mac App Store on his Mac. These codes are usually used to download a normally paid app for free [...]